About AMB Precision Engineering

Our extensive machine shop, stock of materials and skilled craftsmen including coded welders, means we are able to offer a "fast track" turnaround for one offs through to medium sized orders.


QuantityEquipmentChuck SizeMaximum Turn DiameterAcross SadleMaximum Between CentresC Axis & Driven Tools
1Centre Lathe400mm (15.7")or 630mm (24.8")724mm (28.5")457mm (18")3000mm (118")N/A
1Centre Lathe400mm (15.7")533mm (21")317.5mm (12.5")1219mm (48")N/A
1Centre Lathe400mm (15.7")609mm (24")330mm (13")736mm (29")N/A
1Teach Lathe304mm (12") or 400mm (15.7")711mm (28")482mm (19")1524mm (60")N/A
1Puma 300304mm (12") Power400mm (15.7")400mm (15.7")630mm (24.8")N/A
3Puma 400B400mm (15.7") Power546mm (21.5")590mm (23.2)1105mm (43.5")N/A
1Puma 280M254mm (10") Power410mm (16")500mm (19.6")610mm (24")Yes
1Puma 3100LM304mm (12")Power420mm (16.5")670mm (26.3")1280mm (50.3")Yes
1Puma VT-750M534mm (21") or 304mm (12")750mm (29.5")750mm (29.5")760mm (29.9")Yes
2Centre Lathe304mm (12")380mm (15")266mm (10.5")990mm (39")N/A
1Centre Lathe400mm (15.7")533mm (21")368mm (14.5")990mm (39")N/A
2Centre Lathe304mm (12")380mm (15")266mm (10.5")1524 (60")N/A


QuantityEquipmentX AxisY AxisZ Axis4th Axis
1Mynx 6500/501270mm670mm625mmYes 500mm Diameter
1Mynx 5400/501020mm540mm530mmYes 400mm Diameter
1Vertical Milling Machine1340mm355mm400mmN/A

Electric discharge machining (EDM)

QuantityEquipmentX AxisY AxisZ AxisU AxisV AxisC Axis
1Wire Eroder246mm349mm252mm64mm64mmN/A
1CNC Spark Eroder500mm350mm355mmN/AN/AYes
1Tap Blaster300mm310mm180mmN/AN/AN/A


QuantityEquipmentChuck SizeMaximum Gring DiameterMaximum Between CentresX Axis LengthY Axis WidthZ Axis Height
1Cylindrical GrinderNo260mm508mm (20")N/AN/AN/A
1Cylindrical GrinderNo660mm1000mm (39")N/AN/AN/A
1Universal Grinder250mm (10")500mm1500mm (59")N/AN/AN/A
1Universal Grinder152mm (6")180mm400 (15")N/AN/AN/A
1Surface GrinderN/AN/AN/A350mm150mm165mm


1CNC Starweld PTA Up to 3505
2Starweld PTA SystemsUp to 2105
4Oxy Acetlene Work StationsN/AN/A
2Powder Weld StationsN/AN/A
6Miller TIG SetsUp to 300N/A
1MIG SetUp to 180N/A

Heat Treatment

QuantityEquipmentControllerChart RecorderLengthWidthHeightMax Temp
1Efco Batch FurnaceEurotherm 2416Yokogawa1050mm670mm340mm820°
1Wild Barfield BatchEurotherm 2416Yokogawa900mm440mm280mm1000°
1Carbolite BatchEurotherm 2416Yokogawa609mm533mm431mm500°
1Ramsell BatchEurotherm 2416Yokogawa320mm240mm160mm1200°
2Adaptable Barrel FurnaceEurotherm 2416YokogawaN/A1000mm Diameter1000mm1200°


QuantityEquipmentSizeMin DiameterMax DiameterStroke
1Pillar Band SawUP to 460mm Diameter~460mmN/A
1Band SawUp to 250mm Diameter~250mmN/A
1Delapena Honing MachineN/A38.1mm203.2mm400mm
1Butler Slotter8"20mm406mm203.2mm
1Lapping Machine914mm (36") plateN/A500mmN/A
1Pillar DrillMT-2N/AN/AN/A
1Radial Arm Drill1371mm (54") Arm - MT-5N/AN/AN/A


QuantityEquipmentX AxisY AxisZ Axis
1Mitutoyo Cordinate Measuring Machine710mm1000mm410mm
1Rockwell Hardness TesterN/AN/AN/A
1Portable Hardness TesterN/AN/AN/A
1P.M.I. Testing EquipmentN/AN/AN/A
~Dye Pen Testing to SNT 2 & PCN 2N/AN/AN/A
~NAMAS Calibrated Dimensional Inspection EquipmentN/AN/AN/A
~Certificates of Conformity Supplied to Customer RequestN/AN/AN/A
~3D Delcam SoftwearN/AN/AN/A

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AMB is registered to ISO 9001/2008
Certificate Number FM 11785

Made in Sheffiend

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